Many people are asking for the price of chicks and breeders so we created this heritage chicken price guide to help everyone, especially those who are new in this industry, to provide them with a comprehensive guide on the current and future prices of heritage chicks and breeders.

This heritage chicken price list is based on many data we collected from more than 50 breeders and sellers. You can use this guide if you are looking for heritage chicken for sale, or if you are looking to sell your own heritage chicks and breeders.

If you are a breeder, however, who thinks your birds cost more than what we have on the table, there is no law or policy that prohibits you from asking a higher price for your birds. This guide is not bound by any law or policy in pricing. It is always your choice how much would you want to sell your chickens.

For the buyers, however, if you find something that is priced far higher than what we have here, decide with caution.

The prices may remain the same in the next 2 to 4 years depending on the supply and demand. Demography is also another big factor in price differences.

Please remember that this is not a slaughter price but breeder price. These pure breeds heritage chickens are not yet available for slaughter as the supply is extremely low even for the breeders.

Scroll right and down to navigate. You may also view the entire document here.

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If you have any question about a specific breed, please leave a comment below and we will help you research on that particular breed.

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