Kabir is one of the most popular chicken line of breeds in the Philippines and is often the subject of arguments among backyard chicken raisers. The argument of whether Kabir is a breed or not is a never-ending debate and in this article, we will explain what Kabir chicken really is.

Kabir History and Origin

Kabir, the coloured chicken was developed by Kabir International, an Israeli company founded by Zvi Katz during 1960s. In 1999, Kabir International was acquired by Cobb-Europe, a division of Cobb-Vantress, the oldest and one of the biggest chicken breeders in the world. Today, the Kabir brand is marketed by Cobb and is one of the most popular broiler breeds along with SASSO which is ideal for free-range farming.

Is Kabir a Breed?

This is where the argument always starts. When someone calls Kabir as a breed, other people are quick to react saying Kabir is not a breed but a company name. 

Let’s compare Kabir to Converse shoes. When you are wearing a pair of Converse and asked what is your shoes, of course, you would tell them its Converse. Whether its Chuck Taylor, Louie Lopez, or One Star Classic, it’s still a Converse. But Converse is a Company that produces not only shoes but also clothes right? The same with Adidas and Nike. The same thing applies to Kabir.

Kabir International is the name of the company and we cannot call its product other than Kabir. Yes, Kabir is a line of breed because it is developed by its company with the same name. Kabir has many products and they use codes with Kabir30 as the most popular – the one we have here in the Philippines. These chickens are hybrid and when you combine two or more breeds to develop a new product, you have to call that product something. In this case, its Kabir plus the code.

Different Kabir colours with the Cobb-Kabir30 (middle) the most popular in Africa.

It does not make any sense to argue that Kabir is not a breed but a company. Kabir is both a company, a breed (hybrid), and a brand. All heritage chickens like Rhode Island Red, Black Australorp, and Orpingtons are crosses of other breeds but no one is arguing about these breeds because people are used to it. 

Another ridiculous argument is that Kabir is an Arabic name for big. Yes, big is “kabir” in Arabic but it has nothing to do with Kabir chickens which are developed by an Israeli company. 

What Should You Call Your Kabir Chicken?

If you are raising Kabir chickens or planning to raise, there are no other names to it than Kabir itself. If other people tell you that Kabir is not a breed then ask them in return what its breed is – maybe they have a better answer.

Why Raise Kabir Chicken?

Kabir breeds are strong and healthy that they can be bred and reared without antibiotics, resulting in higher profits and lower costs. Kabir chickens are similar to native chickens. It is superior for meat conversion because of its rapid growth, the good body conformation and efficient feed conversion. The chicken is resistant to disease and heat stress. It has a “native” taste and texture. When crossbreeding with native chickens, the Kabir eggs are low in cholesterol.

Kabir chicken may be white, black, grey, reddish-orange or a combination of colours mentioned. According to literature, pure strains of Kabir are covered with white/yellow feathers. Male Kabir can weigh as much as 2.5 kilos in just nine weeks while a female Kabir can weigh as much as two kilos in the same number of weeks. The physical appearance of Kabir can be mistaken with a native chicken except that they are bigger in stature. In terms of their movements, a full-grown Kabir is similar to that of an ostrich. Because of its weight, these chickens cannot fly high. Growths of loose, short and fine feathers are very observable in the lower portion of their thighs.

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  • Los pollos

    2 months ago / January 31, 2021 @ 5:49 pm

    Are Kabir true breeds or a hybrid lines?

  • Los pollos

    2 months ago / January 31, 2021 @ 5:49 pm

    Are Kabir true breeds or a hybrid lines?

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