Ants are everywhere, especially during longer rainy seasons. They are looking for food and when they smell something interesting, they’ll into it.

A lot of people complain that their incubators are being invaded by ants especially during the hatching day and this could be very challenging. The truth is, ants start to invade your incubator when they smell something rotten.

This is the reason why is really suggested to check incubators daily and this is also the reason why I personally like to have a manual incubator rather than a fully-automatic with egg turner. I love to check my incubator daily and I’m always excited to have a new hatch.

To those people who are wondering why their incubators are infested with ants, the following video will explain everything.

Take note that it is not advisable to clean the eggs before putting them inside the incubator. To make increase the hatchability, chose only clean eggs from the nest, do not clean the eggs with either dry cloth or water, and make sure to check the inside of your incubator daily, especially the water level.

Sometimes, by having an automatic incubator, we missed checking the level of water because we are confident that everything is automatic. Water can get dried as fast at 3 to 4 days and could lower the humidity.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below. Thanks for reading and watching!

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